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At LAVAL, project management is an overall experience. An

experience to produce a unique product, or service by initiating,

planning, executing, controlling, and finishing a mould to

achieve the final product.

Our project managers have mould manufacturing background

and experience to help guide our customers through the mould

building process. The primary objective of project management

is to achieve all of the part specifications.

LAVAL brings a customer part concept to actual part production, while managing specific customer expectations and schedules. Optimization of performance across program platforms to achieve the best functional and technical value for the customer.

Our goal is for program managers to ensure master plans and schedules are followed. Developing solutions to program challenges, and directing others for successful completion of the project, on time and on budget.

  • Detailed Timelines with pictures showing the customer’s work in progress.

  • Continuous follow up to ensure 100% satisfaction

  • 24/7 Availability

Quoting & Estimating

We aim to meet our customer’s needs by providing them with

  • Competitive pricing for moulds and secondary processes.

  • On - time delivery.

  • Highest quality and services.

Contact our Estimating Department today for a detailed quote for your project.

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