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About Us

Policy Statement

is committed to providing 
products, services and solutions that comply with 
and satisfy the needs of our customers 
while honouring the interests of our employees, 
our shareholders, our community and our suppliers.

The business practices of LAVAL are guided by the following:

  • Customer:
    Our commitment to our Ccustomers is to be a stable supplier who provides products and services that are safe and meet all customer expectations.

  • Employees:
    Our commitment to our Employees is to be a consistent and innovative employer of choice, who provides a safe and healthy workplace, while investing in each individual employee's value to the company and to themselves. LAVAL ensures employee empowerment through communication, education and training.

  • Shareholders:
    Our commitment to our Shareholders is to ensure that LAVAL operates fully within the framework of the LAVAL Management System requirements and implements a business strategy that provides diversity, equity, accountability and security for their investment by defining and communicating the LAVAL Policy Statement and deploying it via a business plan that establishes objectives and monitors performance, thereby ensuring that all objectives for customer and stakeholder satisfaction, quality, health, safety, the environment and profitability are met and opportunities for improvement are continually sought.

  • Community:
    Our commitment to the Community is to respect our environment, to prevent pollution, and to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life.

  • Suppliers
    Our commitment to our Suppliers is to be a healthy customer who's integrity, reliability and loyalty are recognized and valued.

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