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Our Engineering Department is equipped with the latest

Cimatron software. We design in 3D solid modeling.

Your moulds are designed by our highly experienced

engineers with a dedicated interest to the customer’s needs

and build standards.

Committed to continuous improvement, LAVAL 

skilled staff of engineers uses the latest CAD/CAM systems to meet the ever changing needs of its customers. Our customers rely on us for advice in all phases of their moulding requirements.





FTP Site Link to Upload Files

Our engineering department is where it all starts. Although   we regularly receive the finished moulding part data from our customer to create or modify the mould, we often find ways to improve conditions or reduce cost maintenance through part changes. Often we are called upon to make these changes for our customers in order to reach our build deadlines. We can then forward that changed data in various data formats allowing our customers to keep their files up to date.

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