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secondary processes


Concept, design and manufacturing of

a variety of complex automation

equipment from bonders to automated

drilling and routing machines and

hydraulic press systems tailored to your

specific requirements.

Operators or Robots load fiberglass

components on nests in a glue/bond

apply station where a robot travels

along a set programmed path applying adhesive to the different parts. The station is then activated and the sides merge together, where the cycle then starts engaging and applying pressure to finalize the bond, typically under timed heat.




Our robotic router cell is designed to handle parts 10’ x 10”, cutting and router trimming systems are designed to help you trim a series of parts each hour, reduce downtime, and complex part hole configurations. We design and build custom fixtures and tooling. The right fixturing and tooling are essential to producing high quality cut parts. We take your processes, hole shapes into consideration when creating the right fixturing for your cutting solution, perform a robot reach study and use the data to ensure your fixtures are in the best position to optimize cutting efficiency, and your operators’ interactions are ergonomically correct.

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