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LAVAL has encountered many situations when our customers has no tool

designs or up to date part data and need to rely on someone to Reverse

Engineer these.

LAVAL has invested in equipment and software in order to assist our

customers with obtaining the 3D designs.  The Faro Edge is the most

advanced portable measurement arm Faro has ever produced, the Edge 

is industry leading for its versatile construction and no limitations.

LAVAL purchased the Geomagic Control software to deliver the highest 

accuracy, speed & comprehensive, automated reporting for inspection, 

advance GD&T probing and dimensional inspection functions enable 

fast and precise measurement of components.

Along with the purchase of the Faro Edge scanner, we invested in the

Geomatic Design X Software, the industry's most comprehensive reverse

engineering software, it combines history based CAD with 3D scan data

processing so you can create feature-based, editable solid models also reuse

existing designs.

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