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Our versatile manufacturing

centers allows us to start &

finish your job all under one

roof. We have integrated

our facility to retain control

of all our core processes.


LAVAL has the equipment,

experience & commitment

to finish your moulds to

your specifications and tolerances. Our variety of manufacturing centers allows us to choose the most cost effective method to transform a raw block of steel into your customized production tool.

LAVAL's 45,000 square foot facility produces medium to large size tooling with up to 80 ton capacity.  We have successfully manufactured some of the largest tooling that exists today. From front offices, new lunch and training room, CNC bays, mold making bay, polishing room and horizontal press area to meet all your building needs.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. Building medium and large size tooling is our specialty here at LAVAL.

LAVAL has improved its productivity with high speed 5 axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining capability. In doing so, LAVAL offers customers, state of the art technology in both CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software and high speed machining centers for maximum efficiencies.

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