In-house TRYOUTS


Our In-House Try-Out facility allows LAVAL to sample your moulds

before final shipment.  We can also run pre-production sample

parts to satisfy the customer requirements.


We offer detailed reports with pictures and video for all our

customers. Detailed charge patterns, heat maps, lead checks

and wall thickness checks are just some of the detailed reports

we offer to our customers.  Our knowledgeable staff is always

available for customer support during and after trials.

LAVAL has the capability to heat all moulds with steam, oil,

water or electric heat. We also provide Vacuum and I.M.C. 

(In-Mould Coating) capabilities and secondary process

support to ensure our customer’s production process is

accurately measured.

4965 Concession Road 8, Tecumseh, Ontario CANADA           Tel: 519-737-1323

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